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How to Buy A Marriage License in Duval County, Florida

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Getting married in Jacksonville Florida is EASY, EASY, EASY. Just follow these three easy steps and you will be ready to get married right away.

But first, save $25 off your license by booking your ceremony or purchasing the premarital counseling course directly. In the state of Florida, premarital counseling is required to buy a marriage license, or you will get penalized at the marriage license office. Without it you will pay an extra $25 fee, be given a 3-day waiting penalty and you’ll have to sign a form, I call the naughty form, stating in writing you did not complete premarital counseling, which is embarrassing.

Fortunately, you can download a free and easy to use course by booking your ceremony or purchasing the premarital counseling course. The program is The 52 Most Important Questions To Ask Before You Get Married. Just click on the link after your purchase. The course and certificate of completion will automatically download. Simply print it off, talk through the questions, put your name and date on the form and bring it with you to the marriage license office. It will save you $25, waive the waiting penalty and you will look smart and prepared.

To get your marriage license follow these 3 easy steps.

1) Go to room 2403 at the Duval County courthouse. This is the marriage license office and the clerk’s who work in there are the nicest ladies in the world. You will be in and out in about 30 minutes usually, an hour if you hit a rush and must wait. But they have four clerk’s and it’s usually straight in. The Courthouse is in downtown Jacksonville at 501 West Adams St Jacksonville, Florida 32202. There’s plenty of parking available either on the street or in the parking garage. Street level parking is only 50 cents an hour. The parking garage is $4 an hour, $10 all day.

2) Bring with you these documents. To buy the license you will both need to be present and you will