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Is It Okay to Wear White at a Wedding?

wearing white to wedding

The question of whether it's acceptable to wear white to a wedding is one that often comes up as guests prepare for the big day. The answer isn't as straightforward as you might think, as it depends on various factors such as cultural traditions, the type of wedding, and the preferences of the couple getting married. Let's delve into this topic to provide some clarity.

okay to wear white at wedding

Traditional Etiquette

Traditionally, it has been considered a faux pas for anyone other than the bride to wear white at a wedding. This is because the bride is usually the one who wears a white dress, symbolizing purity and innocence. Wearing white as a guest was seen as an attempt to upstage the bride on her special day.

not wearing white at a wedding

Modern Perspectives

However, attitudes towards this tradition have been changing. Some modern brides and grooms don't mind if their guests wear white. In fact, there are even weddings where all-white attire is requested of the guests.

Consider the Type of Wedding

The type of wedding can also influence whether it's appropriate to wear white. For example, at a casual beach wedding, a white summer dress might be perfectly acceptable for a female guest. On the other hand, wearing a white dress to a formal wedding might be seen as too similar to traditional bridal attire.

Ask the Couple

If you're unsure whether it's okay to wear white to a wedding, the best course of action is to ask the couple getting married. They know the details of their wedding and can provide guidance on what is appropriate to wear.


In conclusion, while traditional etiquette suggests avoiding white at weddings, modern perspectives are more varied. When in doubt, it's best to ask the couple or stick to another color. After all, the focus of the day should be on celebrating the love between the couple, not on what the guests are wearing.

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