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Examining the Pros and Cons of Marriage

You may be thinking, “Marriage seems so last century - nowadays people prefer hookups and situationships.” But don't rule out “I do” just yet! Marrying has huge perks along with drawbacks. This article weighs the pros and cons to decide if marriage still pays off.

Forget Tinder - Is Marriage's Value More Than Swipe Deep? The Pros and Cons of Marriage:

Marriage requires major sacrifice - your lack of freedom, half your finances, in-laws at the holidays. But before rejecting it as an antiquated trap, let's unpack the benefits modern couples gain from marrying versus simply shacking up long term.

Pro: Doubling Your Fun🎉🤑

marriage pros and cons

Tying the knot legally doubles your wealth, social network, and home furnishings. Combining everything makes affording a sweet lifestyle way smoother. And having a built-in BFF for life's adventures is priceless.

Studies consistently show married people build nearly double the wealth of single people. A 2019 study by the Federal Reserve found the median married couple has over $97,000 net worth compared to $26,585 for singles.

Pro: Financial Security⚖️💰

marriage financial benefits

Marriage grants you bonuses like tax breaks, insurance deals, better mortgage rates and credit. Being legally tethered boosts income and assets. No shame in chasing some of those Benjamins as a bonus!

In fact, studies show married couples build nearly double the wealth of single people. The National Bureau of Economic Research reports married people see assets grow by 77 percent more compared to singles.

Plus, married couples benefit from an average of over $1,800 in annual tax breaks according to NerdWallet data. That's hard cash in your shared bank account!

Pro: Having a Wingman 🦸

marriage pros and cons

A spouse provides friendship and support 24/7. The social and emotional perks alone motivate many couples to commit long-term. And research shows married folks have lower stress and better health.

According to a University of Chicago study, married individuals have life satisfaction ratings 15-40 percent higher than unmarried people. Those companionship benefits are massive!

Con: Potential Divorce Drama 💔👎

Hitching your wagon legally means messy uncoupling if things crumble. The time, money, and pain of divorcing makes marriage risky. Some pros vanish if the partnership dissolves.

A Harvard study found divorce’s legal complexities and costs average $15,000 per person. And divorcees see standard of living drops of 45% for women and 25% for men, per federal data.

Con: Sharing Everything 🧑‍🤝‍🧑🤝

Forget winging solo decisions - spouses share their lives by agreeing on where to live, budgets, parenting styles, etc. If you hate compromise, a marriage will test you.

Researchers find couples argue on average 2-3 times per month. Common marital conflicts involve money, kids, chores, leisure time, communication.

pros and cons of getting married

The Verdict ⚖️ - Marriage Still Wins! 🏆

No question there are major perks and pains to being legally married versus solo or shacking up. But for many, the companionship, stability, and security offset the costs of commitment. Overall, marriage remains a net gain despite the sacrifices.

So don't just swipe right - say "I do" if you find the full package spouse! 💍

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