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Personal Pastoral Counseling

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Free Online Premarital Counseling Course

Getting married marks the beginning of an important new chapter. Our free online premarital counseling course helps you build a solid foundation for a healthy, lifelong marriage.

Over 4 lessons, this course covers:

  • Defining your shared values and vision

  • Improving communication and conflict resolution

  • Exploring personality differences and strengths

  • Building intimacy and friendship

Studies show couples who complete premarital education report higher marital satisfaction, better communication, and lower divorce rates. This course delivers essential guidance and skills for navigating married life together.

Course Overview:

Lesson 1: Our Values and Vision

  • Outlining your individual and shared values

  • Discussing your vision for family, careers, lifestyle

  • Finding spiritual alignment and growth together

Lesson 2: Communication Skills

  • Identifying communication styles and needs

  • Constructive communication techniques

  • Tips for safe, open emotional expression

Lesson 3: Personality Differences

  • Exploring personality types and traits

  • Embracing differences and appreciating strengths

  • Managing expectations

Lesson 4: Intimacy and Friendship

  • Cultivating affection, trust and respect

  • Setting relationship priorities and boundaries

  • Bonding through shared interests and activities

Our free premarital course delivers essential relationship education to enrich your partnership as you start your marriage. Sign up now to get helpful guidance and tools.

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