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Why 'Basically Married' Couples Should Make It Official!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

You've been together for years, you live together, and you might even have kids. You feel like you're "basically married," but you haven't made it official. Here's why you should stop procrastinating and tie the knot.

marriage benefits

1. Legal Benefits and Protections

Marriage comes with a host of legal benefits and protections that aren't available to unmarried couples. These include tax benefits, inheritance rights, and decision-making authority in case of a medical emergency. Making your union official can provide a safety net that "basically married" just can't.

2. A Deeper Level of Commitment than "Basically Married"

Marriage is a public declaration of your commitment to each other. It's a promise to face whatever life throws at you together. This commitment can deepen your bond and provide a strong foundation for your relationship.

3. The Power of Tradition

There's something powerful about participating in a tradition that has been celebrated by millions of people throughout history. It connects you to something bigger than yourselves and can add a layer of meaning to your relationship.

4. The Joy of Celebration

A wedding is a chance to celebrate your love with the people who matter most to you. It's a day filled with joy, laughter, and memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

marriage benefits

5. For the Sake of Your Children

If you have kids, getting married can provide them with a sense of security and stability. It shows them that you're committed to not just them, but also to each other.

So, if you've been putting off getting married, now is the time to take the plunge. Make your love official and enjoy all the benefits that marriage has to offer!

marriage kids

Remember, this is a big decision and it's important to discuss it thoroughly with your partner. Marriage is a lifelong commitment that should be entered into with full understanding and mutual agreement. Good luck on your journey towards marital bliss!

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