All Your Questions About Marriage, Answered.

Why Do I Need to Pay a Deposit?

At the Walk-in Wedding Chapel, we want to make every process as easy and simple for you. Unfortunately, some couples don't show up, costing another couple that time slot. Not to mention we are a small business and performing weddings are how we earn a living! No-shows cost us money out of our pocket. The deposits are not an extra charge, they are part of your total advertised cost and are simply a placeholder to hold your desired slot.

What Happens if I Don't Want to Pay a Deposit?

If you haven't yet paid a deposit, your slot will unfortunately not be booked. We want to protect both you and us in the event of any unprecedented situations, so we accept a deposit upfront to reserve your slot. We are not accepting walk-ins at this time due to the high volume of weddings. We cannot hold a slot without a deposit. All reservations are first come, first serve.

Can I get married without a marriage license?

Just like you cannot drive without your driver's license, you cannot get married without a marriage license. You must purchase a State of Florida Marriage License before getting married. We accept marriage licenses from any Florida county! You do not need a marriage license before booking your wedding, but you will need to have the license at least three days prior to the wedding (unless three-day waiting period has been waived by the courthouse).

Can I bring more than 20 guests?

Our chapel is made for small, intimate weddings. Because of this, we have twenty total seats in our chapel. We ask that all your guests remain seated during the ceremony, so please refrain from bringing more than twenty guests.

How long is the ceremony?

The ceremony itself is about 8 to 10 minutes long, but your slot will be booked for an hour to allow enough time to meet with Chaplain Scott, fill out your marriage license, and go through a brief rehearsal before the ceremony, and to do your photoshoot afterwards.

What happens if I'm late?

We ask that you aim to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to avoid unprecedented events like traffic and such, but please be courteous of the couple in front of you and come inside right at the time of your reservation. We run on a seamless schedule to ensure the quality of every wedding, so please do not be late. More information on these policies will be in the Terms Of Service you will see when you are booking your wedding!

Can I bring food or drink?

We want to maintain a beautiful, clean chapel so everyone can have a perfect wedding here. Because of this, we strictly prohibit any food or drink of any kind inside our chapel. That includes cake. We do not have a reception or dining area in our chapel and we ask that all food or drink is consumed or thrown away prior to entering our chapel. We thank you much in advance for helping us to keep our chapel clean and pristine.

What Happens With the
Marriage License?

At your wedding, your Chaplain will legally solemnize your marriage license, and you will have ten (10) days to return it in-person or mail it back to the courthouse you obtained it from. Once the license is returned, the courthouse will mail you your legal marriage certificate, that you can use for all the wonderful benefits of marriage, like taxes, social security, and name changes!